Learn English

Personalized instruction

What are your goals for language learning? We want to help you reach them. We will develop a customized curriculum for you. You set the pace and priorities!

We provide a personalized online document that includes all your course materials: vocabulary, grammar notes, pronunciation tips, practice exercises, and more. You can easily review and track your progress.

Our instructors are highly qualified native speakers with degrees in English and pedagogy and a minimum of ten years’ teaching experience.


Every course is custom-designed. One-to-one instruction is proven to help you advance rapidly towards your personal language goals. We also offer group courses for colleagues with common aims. While we primarily offer online sessions, on-site instruction can be arranged in Stuttgart, Germany.

Our courses generally fall into one of the following three categories:

General English

  • Conversational topics
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar instruction
  • Fluency training
  • Preparing to travel
  • Help with schoolwork

Business English

  • Presentations and meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Interview coaching
  • Economics job market preparation

Exam Preparation

  • IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, B2 First, university entrance exams, etc.
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Essay writing

Technical Aspects

Sessions are generally held over Skype. You can sign up for a free profile at www.skype.com. Alternate platforms and on-site instruction may also be negotiated individually.

Using a headset will improve the sound quality for all participants, but it is not required. Be aware that using a computer or laptop will give you access to more tools during class than if you use a tablet or phone.


Instruction is available by on weekdays from 8:00am to 7:00pm CET.

Choose the length and frequency of sessions that works for you. We recommend meeting regularly at least once a week, but you can also schedule more intensively.

You are permitted to cancel with no penalty up to 6 hours before a scheduled session. For example, if you should meet at 6:00pm, you can cancel for free until 12:00pm. You may have the same number of free cancellations per month as the number of sessions you schedule in a week. In other words, you’re expected to keep your commitments 75% of the time.

Flexible scheduling is also available (without a set time every week), but with no guarantee of how often the sessions will occur.

Pricing and payment

Contact us for a free consultation.

Payment is accepted in Euro by bank transfer or USD via PayPal. Non-Eurozone payments are subject to a 15 Euro/USD processing fee per transaction.

Euro Euro USD USD
Course Single Double Single Double
General English 180 360 195 375
Business or Exam Preparation 210 420 225 435
Reference table for current one-to-one students (reminder: pricing is per course, not per session!)