Testimonials in English

You can also read testimonials from students in French or Russian.

“Rachel is an excellent teacher. Thanks a lot!”

“I have received an offer from the university I applied to. I am very glad, and I want to thank you for your assistance!! You played a very important role in this long preparation for my post-graduate study. Thank you so much!”

“Rachel is a very good teacher. I have enjoyed learning with her. I have learned a lot of interesting things.”

“I would like to mention that i appreciated to work with Rachel during the English lessons we spent together. She always demonstrates professionalism during our sessions.”

“Rachel is a good teacher. The exchange are very profitable because not only she corrects me when we are speaking but also she teaches me the grammar rules and prepares a lot of exercises. The lessons are very professional, well organized and prepared.”

“Rachel is the best English teacher I ever had!”

“It’s great that it doesn’t matter if Rachel is doing many things and she has no time to sleep, still she remains happy and she is ready to communicate and inspire her students.”

“I appreciate Rachel for such a great opportunity to take her English classes! She makes me hope that one day I’ll speak English fluently . I’m admired of her talent for simple and clear explanations of grammar rules, definitions of unknown English words and phrases, etc. Her classes are always interesting and informative. I usually don’t pay attention on time during her classes, just enjoy them. Frankly, Rachel is the first teacher in my life who encourages me to study English and to love it.”

“I’d like to say a few words about my wonderful experience with Rachel. Before that, I never studied English via Skype and now I know that it’s the best way to do it, because you save your time and get personal classes. Studying with Rachel makes me happy and confident. Her lessons are always well organized as she puts all new information to special file and you can revise new words and rules. We speak about everything, and you can always change the subject or ask particular help in the things you don’t know. I’m glad very much that I met Rachel and hope to study and to be friends with her for many years.”